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Submitted on
August 8, 2013


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[CONTEST]Design an outfit for my oc!(RESULTS)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 8, 2013, 10:09 AM
Hello, its been more than 2 months since the deadline of the contest, well,life gets in the way that I don't want to share to the public and also my laptop being half-assed that don't want to let me do anything to it. On to the main point, finally got a bit of time to write this since family business really stressed me out for many many reasons. Only little ppl who knew me real life knows about it.=n=;;;; and due to a bit error on my side, I'm cancelling my consolation prizes due to reasons I could not stated but I'll feature your entries for 2 weeka in my next journal.

And, thanks a lot for your contributions and entries Inoticesomeofyoubrokemyrulesaboutnotshowingherskin
I'm having a hard time picking whichever entries might suited for her. But after discussing with my other friends. So, here they are.

Ist Place goes to :iconwanini:

2nd place goes to :icondaevaluque:

3rd Place goes to :iconivalshe:

The winners please note the contributors for your prizes.
And to those who didn't win,don't feel bad.There's always next time~ 

:new: AND its CLOSED..thanks so much for ppl participating,please give me a month or less to pick the winners...because I don't have a stable connection please bear with my slowness..QwQ

:new: EDITED: FINAL DEADLINE WILL BE ON 14TH FEBRUARY ( I'll give 2 weeks more and that's it..>__<)
That's it though..I don't want any delay anymore,since I want to give time to the tailor to prepare my outfit..>_<


Finally I've got a time to write this journal...QwQ

The reason I'm doing this because....I want to make a custom made outfit for cosplay of my new oc Nwa..but I don't want to wear such revealing clothing...and since I'm very busy and can't find a time to draw yeah..=v=;; and After this holiday,there's gonna be exams + college events. I can't draw freely as I used to now,my schedule are really packed.OTL


  • Design an outfit for my oc Alraune rose plant, Nwa Lvene~
  • .:Nwa Lvene:. by Kyone-Kuaci
  • Roses are Red by Lulluria  Made by Lulluria
Her image look and other arts of her-

About Nwa

  • She's shy,quiet,dangerous,gloomy,loves to be alone
  • Her powers are more to dark nature
  • She wield long scythe like weapon,but I have yet to design it lol
  • her signature clothing are some long sleeves clothing that covers her hands.(As long her hands covered by something,gloves also can be used so long sleeves clothing are optional)
  • Loves roses
  • Special features : stick horns,Vine tail and three toes

What I want

  •  A proper Gothic outfit for her,either elegant,lolita,punk, rock etc whatever suits your boat.
  • keep her hair style and hair colour except when she tied up or something.
  • Creative and unique design, you guys might get higher chance of winning if you do a unique design of the outfit.
  • Design that suits her beautiful yet dangerous@ gloomy attitude.
  • :star:SEXY DESIGN is NOT accepted. I want my baby Nwa's skin to be properly covered.(PROPERLY COVERED HER CHEST AND SHOULDER AREA) Unless you draw for fun.
  • :star:EXAMPLE: AdoptableCustomFemale7 by PhrysethAdopt
  • Not too feminine (No dress or frills that touches the ground since I'm running around in the outfit.Yes, I run around a lot since I'm a active type of person when it comes to events.ewe)
  • Not too manly ( Wears pants with boots or thick stoking or something, I do feel very uncomfortable if my skin shown lol)
  • The design must be shown coloured. I don't want B&W though.
  • The more detailed/unique outfit, the better! 

Drawn out

  • In your own style.
  • Traditional OR Digital. Though traditional must be cleaned one for me to see those details clearly.
  • FULL coloured design.(Shadings not required )


  • All entries must be  FULLBODY.
  • Front and back view if necessary.
  • The outfit must be dark in colour that suits her rose plant design.
  • Adding a lil different light colour also acceptable as long its gothic.
  • Chibi is not accepted. I need the design in real human proportion.
  • Design(s) can be inspired from other resources, no stealing please~ 
  • You can send as much entry you like(limit till 3) but only 1 will be choose.
  •  If you are using resources from others, please give appropriate credit. 
  • You'll officially enter this contest when you give me the link for your entry through comment.
  • Oh yeah, I want an original file(full reso) of the entry though.QwQ
  • You MUST watch me to enter!

Contest Deadline

  •  Deadline by 14th February 2014


 By me only..because I'm really picky when it comes to designing an outfit for my baby..QwQ

How I judge:
  •  The Creativity on the design.
  • The details and uniqueness.


:star: No more donating prizes, they're more than enough,thanks for contributing~
Contributors also allowed to enter the contest~

Star!1st Prize

 $15USD = 1200 :points: from Kyone-Kuaci
$12 USD = 960 :points:  from PhrysethAdopt
1 Llama badge from Kyone-Kuaci
1 chibi art from Kyone-Kuaci
A Digital Drawing from Warao
A coloured headshot from Solceress
A Fullbody from milkie-nommi
A Fullbody from GamerMako

1 custom chibi from CreamofDespair
A custom chibi from Kagetora-Chesh
1 semi-chibi from Yuu-Tanni

Star!2nd Prize
$10 USD = 800 :points: from Kyone-Kuaci
$8 USD =640 :points:  from PhrysethAdopt
1 Llama badge from Kyone-Kuaci
1 chibi art from Kyone-Kuaci
A simple drawing from Warao
A coloured headshot from Solceress
A pixel from milkie-nommi
A custom chibi from Kagetora-Chesh
1 semi-chibi from Yuu-Tanni

Star!3rd Prize
$5USD = 400 :points: from Kyone-Kuaci
$4 USD = 320 :points:  from PhrysethAdopt
1 Llama badge from Kyone-Kuaci
1 chibi art from Kyone-Kuaci
A coloured headshot from Solceress
A coloured headshot from :milkie-nommi
A custom chibi from Kagetora-Chesh
1 semi-chibi from Yuu-Tanni

IF I received LESS than 15 entries,the contest will be cancelled.

What am I going to do with the winners design?

I will be keeping the three designs until I decided which outfit would she wear.
Though the 1st winner's design would be her mandatory outfit if I find it necessarily~ The other two designs I'll use it on special occassions~ I will make some changes to the design if I wanted to.

I'll favourite all entries in my folder contest entries. Do check them if you want~ XD

--> <---


  • If you have any question, please ask.

Other than that~ Have fun designing an outfit for Nwa for me~ :heart:

Skin by DearArts (modified by Kyone-Kuaci)
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JunoRainier Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Wahh congratulations to the winners! Your entries really are amazing :O

I especially like the 2nd one, it's so cute >.<
Daevaluque Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
kinda... embarassing to ask stuff via note from ppl. 
Kyone-Kuaci Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Oh hey,if you dun want then dun note..ewe
Daevaluque Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Too late dah. Dah note everyone
Wanini Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Omg, I didn't expected to win...
Thank you very much Q_Q It's the very first time I won the first place in a contest !
Kyone-Kuaci Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
congrats~ and your're welcome~^^
Fuyusuki Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
Woah, congratulations to winners! Any chance you will be going as Nwa this CF? 8D
Kyone-Kuaci Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
I'm afraid not since CF time are the end of DEC and I have to go back to college. But I maybe come, just maybe. can't promise though..>__<
Fuyusuki Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Aww, okay. If you can come that would be awesome!
Kyone-Kuaci Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
You sounded like you wanted to meet me again? hahahahah~XDD
I'm looking forward to it~
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