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May 30, 2013
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.:Calamity Clashes:. by Kyone-Kuaci .:Calamity Clashes:. by Kyone-Kuaci
Both of them are my babies...Hellhound Diamond and Hellhound Siv~
I skipped all the details here because I'm awesome at that..:iconmingplz:

Please bear a bit of my crappeh English here..>.<;;;


When white hellhound(Diamond) meets the black hellhound(Siv),it will cause a calamity to the world as their opposite power clashes.It will cause destruction to the part of the world. So both of them shouldn't ever be meet so both of them being locked away in opposite part of the world until they being released by anyone worthy to be their master. Both of them are some rare ancient hellhound with devastating powers,in order to hide their origin,the new master shall renamed them to their likings. Until now,only the black hellhound being renamed as "Siv" by a young Red-haired hellhound when he heard about the history of the calamity of white and black hellhound that shouldn't be met each other.So he travelled to one of the opposite cave with his father unarmed and meet the hellhound that didn't even died after million of years being locked away in a cave. Even though the young hellhound knew the black hellhound was dangerous,yet he brashfully wanted the black hellhound as his guardian.The black hellhound at first unwillingly to follow any orders from someone who is so young as his new master,after some conversation the black hellhound reluctantly agree and he experience something he never experience in his life that is Happy,enjoy,love,warmth. All these things he never experienced before his imprisonment and he totally trying to forget his old life as now he bears a new name that was given by the young red hellhound.

On the other hand,the white hellhound did not found any new master for him yet but he’s guarding in one of the sacred cave or his prison cave that contains many of sacred of high value mineral that the enemies are trying to steal for their own selfish purpose. Everyday he watched the peaceful view that he never experience such feeling before his imprisonment. And he wished one day that someone worthy can be his master,countless hellhounds came to him claiming wanting his power for their own selfish purposes but he kills them mercilessly because he’s getting tired of those kinds of people.So then he waited patiently for the new master to arrived until this day forward.

I will edit the typo or...the weird sentences later on...hate my limited internet line..OTL
:damphyr: Hellhound Diamond and Siv~

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*photoshop cs5
*wacom bamboo
*Diamond & Siv (c) MINE
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Keeyko Jan 26, 2014  Student General Artist
This is so cool!!! I love the coloring style!!! It's so soft! The poses are really cool too!!
xGhostwriterx Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
One word... EPIC!!  :iconepiclaplz:
Amazing! :iconlaplz:
So cool ///A///
terer la kyone! jealous nyee
:iconsrapplz:..hang lg tererrrrr...but thx anyway...still need more practice..QwQ
MANA DERR I cant draw abs duuh:iconlazeoverkillplz:
It's okay! Keep up your good work and ganbatte! QwQ;

..nk buat switcharound meme gan sye tk?
heee kalah lettew

OMG serious?naaak!*first time kene invite* :iconforeveraloneplz:
meh meh...ajak sorng lg..ovo
hmm nak ajak sape eh? *forever alone*
hmm ajak :iconmio-chii: nak?
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